I am at a loss for words after watching this //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js“>video….

These are 5 young women (cheerleaders) from my high school (Weber High) in Northern Utah. Kudos to the young man that saw this on their Instagram and posted it to his twitter saying “thought people were better than this especially my so-called “friends””

I just don’t understand why they felt this was okay. It is completely disgusting that they did this, were laughing about it, thought it would be funny, and thought it was okay.

A friend of mine, Colton Webb, emailed the superintendent and the response he got was that “they’re still investigating, but they’ve confirmed that the girls in the video knew what they were saying and knew they were using a reverse video app. The app apparently lets you type a phrase and it’ll reverse it so you can say it without actually saying it.” I wasn’t exactly sure what a reverse app was so Colton had to explain it to me:

“Yeah, apparently the defense initially was that one of the girls got everyone to say it, with them not knowing what they were saying, but it turns out the app plays the video in reverse, so they all knew what they were saying, without actually saying it. So basically, the girls put fuck niggers in backward to say sreggin kcuf and then yelled that, so it would say fuck niggers in a reversed video”

No matter what the reason or excuse is/was, it was uncalled for. Unfortunately, this will have to be a hard growing moment for these 5 young women.




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