I suppose I should do the obligatory Halloween post, shouldn't I? Wouldn't that make me a 'real mommy blogger'? Ahahaha Cash decided to go as Darth Vader and is pretty thrilled with his selection. Tate, on the other hand, was all over the place. He wanted everything. I honestly think he thought all the costumes … Continue reading Halloween


Chloe and Isabel Hairstyles

I recently purchased more jewelry from my friend Alina who sells for Chloe and Isabel. I love the pieces I bought and can't wait to get more! The other day we got to have some girl time and play with the hair pieces she is selling plus the ones I have already bought! I will … Continue reading Chloe and Isabel Hairstyles

Week 8 Picks

Holy shit! How is it week 8 already?!?! I did quite well this week with Kramer's insight. I picked 11 out of 15 correctly. 🙂 Let's hope I can do well this week! Dolphins vs Ravens Vikings vs Browns Chargers vs Patriots Bears vs Saints Panthers vs Buccaneers Colts vs Bengals Raiders vs Bills 49ers vs … Continue reading Week 8 Picks

The Other Side Of IVF

I had so much positive feedback from my blog post “A First Hand Look At IVF” that I wanted to bring the other side to light. I asked Billy, Tiffany’s husband, to answer a few questions about how he felt as they were going through the IVF process. Kudos to this amazing couple for going … Continue reading The Other Side Of IVF

A First For Me

I had something pretty cool happen today, granted I wasn't there to witness it, but I did get to hear the story. Tyson took Tate to Philz in Walnut Creek this morning and some woman said she recognized Tate from my Instagram! How cool is that?!?!?! So shout out to the woman that was at … Continue reading A First For Me

Feature Friday – This Loud House

Welcome back to Feature Friday! I love the bio I got from Marianne and I hope you do too! You can find her at  www.thisloudhouse.com Hi, I'm Marianne. I'm 36. I have 5 kids ages 11-10months. 3 girls and 2 boys. I've been married 12 years to my polar opposite, but truly my soulmate, Drew. I never … Continue reading Feature Friday – This Loud House

Me Too. And Her. And Him. And Them.

Saw this on a friend's facebook and loved it. I don't know who the original author is but thank you. "Me too" is about carrying pepper spray, holding your keys between your fingers, checking your back seats before getting into your car, faking or actually making a phone call as you walk... just in case … Continue reading Me Too. And Her. And Him. And Them.

Me Too.

I am reblogging a post from a friend of mine from The Shitty Housewife. I am not ready to share my experiences, but I appreciate other men and women who are willing to share. I love how open Jan is about her experiences and her way with words. I completely agree with her when she … Continue reading Me Too.


I am at a loss for words after watching this //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js">video.... These are 5 young women (cheerleaders) from my high school (Weber High) in Northern Utah. Kudos to the young man that saw this on their Instagram and posted it to his twitter saying "thought people were better than this especially my so-called “friends”" I … Continue reading Disgusting