Josh Libman

I have never done anything like this before on my blog but I feel this is worth it. Tyson, my husband, is friends with Josh’s sister, Kiera. She has had her own medical hardships and now her brother is going through hell; their family is getting one hard hit after another. Once you read their story I hope you are touched as I was. ❤

“This is my younger brother, Josh. Most definitely the most genuine, kind-hearted, giving person I will ever be lucky enough to know and call family.

He is also an amazingly active guy. Tennis and mountain biking and hiking are his passions in addition to my furry nephew, his German Shepard pup, Titan and playing with my kiddos. A lot. He plays with my kiddos for hours and they all think he hung the moon.

He has ALWAYS been there for me through the ups and more importantly the big downs. He never left my side and always helped out in any way he could.

He reminds me of my dad in that he makes friends everywhere he goes and you can’t talk to or hang out with the guy without smiling and feeling good.

Unfortunately, my bout with breast cancer last year was just the beginning for my family. My baby brother has been diagnosed with a very rare and very high-grade sarcoma. He has no choice but to amputate his left lower leg and go through several rounds of chemotherapy that is so severe they require you to stay in the hospital for five days each time.

My heart is broken; for the first time I can’t help him or fix it or put a band-aid on my little brother’s “boo boo” and make it all better.

He will need recovery, rehabilitation, chemo and more chemo and lots of chemo and then he can be fitted for his first initial prosthetics
approximately six months after his amputation. Hopefully. Praying.

I would love to be able to say that money doesn’t matter, that I can provide for him anything and everything that he needs. But money and the extreme cost of care he will be facing is our reality.

So, while I am not one to ever ask for help I do today. For my blood, for my family, for my baby brother. He would never want pity or special treatment but I am asking for any type of help you may be able to share.

Live each day in gratitude and kindness and above all, happiness.

Josh isn’t giving up and neither should we! Thank you for your support! ❤️

With all the love in the world,
Marsha and Lee (Josh’s mother and father), Keira (Josh’s sister) and every one of our friends and family who have shown their support!”

You can read the updates on Josh’s story on his GoFundMe Page

Please, please, please take a minute to donate today. The family appreciates every single donation, no matter the amount. Josh and his family still have a long tough fight ahead of them. Please, friends, take a moment to donate. Thank you, in advance!


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