Week 2 Picks

Last week I didn’t do so hot. I picked 8 out of 15 correctly. Fingers crossed I do better this week! Here are my picks for week 2. 🙂

Texans vs Bengals

Bills vs Panthers

Vikings vs Steelers 

Bears vs Buccaneers

Cardinals vs Colts

Patriots vs Saints

Browns vs Ravens

Eagles vs Chiefs

Titans vs Jaguars

Jets vs Raiders

Dolphins vs Chargers

Cowboys vs Broncos

49ers vs Seahawks

Redskins vs Rams

Packers vs Falcons

Lions vs Giants


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Picks

  1. I used to pick teams. I was absurdly good at it — I won many a parlay in Vegas. And I beat a bunch of very angry veteran FF players TWICE! I haven’t cared about football in a few years. It is probably due to Babystar but I’m also very disillusioned with the National Football League’s policies on a lot of things. I did like hearing a female call the game on Monday but that seemed so token-ish.
    ANYWAY, how dare you pick the Titans over the Jags?
    So here are mine: Texans, Bills, Steelers, Bears, Cards, Saints, Ravens, Eagles, JAGUARS, Raiders, Chargers, Cowboys, Seahawks, Skins, Packers, Giants.

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    1. That’s awesome that you are that good. I am trying to get better just so I can talk shit to my guy friends. Ahahahaha I do have an issue with the way the NFL handles domestic violence, truthfully violence of any kind, and head trauma. I didn’t have the sound on so I didn’t realize it was a woman calling the Monday game but that’s awesome. I would say that’s a step in the right direction.


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