Football Is Back Baby!

I can not even begin to tell you how happy I am that football starts again tonight. I decided I would put myself out there and call my picks every week. Let me start this week by saying I am a huge Steelers fan so I will always pick them to win, even if I know there’s little to no chance. And because I am such a Steelers fan I will almost always vote against the Ravens and the Patriots.

So here are week 1’s picks:

Chiefs vs Patriots

Jets vs Bills

Jaguars vs Texans 

Steelers vs Browns

Cardinals vs Lions

Buccaneers vs Dolphins (postponed)

Falcons vs Bears

Raiders vs Titans

Ravens vs Bengals

Eagles vs Redskins

Colts vs Rams

Panthers vs 49ers

Seahawks vs Packers

Giants vs Cowboys

Saints vs Vikings

Chargers vs Broncos 


I will be posting my picks every Wednesday (possibly Thursday if it’s a busy week) and I will have my results from the previous week as well. Let’s see if I can get better every week!

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