Role Models

Today I want to talk about role models and who we surround ourselves with, and more importantly our children with.


As adults, we can evaluate other people and are able to pick and choose the qualities we like and dislike from the people around us as well as people we have never met. Children can not do this as well as we can as adults, obviously. They also have a limited group of people to pick from.

The reason I bring this up is that I have a lot of men and women I consider role models for myself. The more education I get the more men and women I am introduced to that I find admirable, confident, positive, calm, respectful, knowledgeable, well-rounded, have good leadership qualities and aren’t afraid to be unique. These are all qualities I look for in people and tend to admire in those I meet or learn about.

However, I started thinking about the people my children are around regularly and who they consider role models. They do not have the same access to the internet, schooling, and the world around them that I do, so they are subject to the people I surround them with. So do these people demonstrate the qualities I look for in role models?

Do the people around my children demonstrate confidence without being conceited? Do they demonstrate a positive outlook on life? Are they respectful to others and the world around them? Are they intelligent? Are they calm and not quick to anger? Are they proud of who they are? Are they leaders instead of followers? Are they kind? Are they ethical?

As I went through our list of friends (because that’s all we’ve got out here) the boys are around regularly I couldn’t help but smile.

First on my list is our nanny, Janai. She puts her wants and needs aside when she’s with my boys and I couldn’t ask for a better person to take care of them when I’m at school. She’s had about a month off in between semesters and when she came back Cash told her, and then repeated this to Tyson and me, “I’ve missed you every day all the way up to the stars!” How adorable is that? The fact that our children love her this much speaks volumes to me about her character and her love for my children.

The next six people on my list are equals in my eyes. The Teixeira, the Tichenor, and the Hillis families are all amazing people in their own right.

Alo and I have such similar personalities which means it’s so much fun when we get together! He’s a great father figure to not only his child but also to my two boys as well. They love Papa Alo and are so comfortable with him which makes me comfortable and thankful for his friendship and guidance. Micaela is so loving and my kids feel all of that love along with all the other kids in our “tribe”. She’s the “fun auntie” that everyone wanted growing up and my kids are lucky enough to have this gorgeous woman as theirs. Not only all of that, but she is also incredibly smart and driven. She works full time helping others and then still makes time for her family and friends.

Annie is the epitome of a perfect mother. She stands her ground with things she believes in, which I truly appreciate. A perfect example of this was Cash tried to give her a kiss on the lips and she explained that she doesn’t kiss on the lips but would love a kiss on the cheek (she doesn’t do this with her daughter either). This may seem small to someone else but I find it admirable that she sticks to her beliefs. She also shows my boys that women can be strong too and can do anything a man can do. I truly appreciate her for that. Dan is also an incredible father. He spends one on one time with his daughter all the time and you can see how much he truly does love both his wife and daughter when he looks at them. He is also someone who loves my children and will dote on them even when his daughter is not around. Both he and Annie are raising a very loving daughter and I can never tell them how much I appreciate the love Cha Cha gives our boys.

The whole Hillis family has to be on this list. They both open their arms to us and everyone around them. They enjoy sharing their lives with us, which I feel shows my children how to be kind and giving. Tiffany is so playful with the kids and is more than happy to run through the sprinklers with Tate, fully clothed, just to get him to join in on the fun. Billy will happily cook for our whole family and is a stickler for the rules while on one of their boats, which I absolutely love! Preston, their son, is almost 8 and is the best big brother! He gets so excited when my boys are around and he makes sure to take care of them and his twin sisters without complaint (at least not in front of us).

We have started to get closer to the Bowen’s and the Hanan’s and I can already tell they are just good people. They are the kind of people I want the boys around as they grow up.

I do have to add a sweet little ending to this post because I thought it was too damn cute not to share. As I was typing this post up Cash asked me what I was doing. I told him I was writing something about role models. He asked me what a role model was so I briefly explained to him a role model in terms he could understand. I asked him who his role model was and he immediately said, Dave. People may laugh at the fact that my 4-year-old has chosen a bartender as his role model but I am proud of him for finding someone he looks up to for his own reasons.

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