Flowers & Tantrums

The difference between my two boys constantly amazes me and irritates the fuck out of me. Honestly, I don’t know how I ended up with two boys who are so polar opposite. Cash is social, extroverted, and very friendly. Tate is introverted, very shy, and only “talks” or giggles around people he knows well.

Yesterday and today were such good examples of my two children. Both of them were crying but for very different reasons and lengths of time.

Cash has started this new habit of wanting to pick me flowers on our walk home or to the gym. The problem with this is they aren’t really flowers they are just weeds, and they are usually dead by the time we leave the gym or I just throw them away when we get home because they are going to die in a few short hours. As we were walking home last night I asked Cash not to pick me a flower and Tyson explained they just die anyway. Cash started crying because he wanted to pick me a flower and be sweet. He thought we were being rude saying not to do something nice for mommy. I tried to explain to him that there are different ways to show love and one of my favorite ways is through touching and affection. AKA his snuggles.

To make things better we went to the store this morning on our way to school and I let him pick out some flowers for mommy. He was so excited to do this and know that they would stay alive for at least a week. I think we may have to plant some flowers just so he can always feel like he’s getting me something.

He is such a sweet and kind hearted kid. ❤


Tate, on the other hand, has been screaming all day. He literally only stopped when he was napping, at Kids World, or had a treat. I tried to get him in the cart at the grocery store this afternoon and he got so mad at me because he wanted to walk that he hit me in the face. Literally slapped me across the face. I was livid. I put him on the ground so I could talk to him and he just threw himself on the ground and threw a fit, right in the middle of the parking lot. I put him in his car seat and shut the door. I literally sat outside the car with Cash for a solid 3 minutes trying to calm down while Tate screamed in the car. It was not a good parenting moment for me.

After Kids World I brought the boys home and tried to feed him dinner. He can tell us the foods he wants but he kept saying no to everything I offered him. He finally agreed on a bar. He got mad though because I made him sit in his high chair and so he ripped it all up and threw it onto the floor. Then he asked for yogurt. He emptied the yogurt on his tray then proceeded to through the spoon and container onto the floor. At this point I am so beyond angry I am counting down the minutes until Tyson gets home so I can walk away from him. He asked for rice as he was sitting in his high chair screaming so I warmed up some rice for him and he immediately threw that on the floor as well. After this, I just left it there and left him there. Tyson came home shortly after, thankfully. I’m including pictures because no one seems to believe me that he is a complete and utter monster.

We think his stomach hurts but this attitude and behavior is not something new, nor is that an excuse. He is constantly hitting, kicking, biting, and pinching Cash and me, as well as pulling my hair. I am at a loss for what to do. I have tried time out, I have tried being stern with him, I have tried yelling at him, I have tried ignoring him, absolutely nothing works. Nothing is changing. I am ready to give up. 😦 So here’s a big fuck you to Monday and parenting today in general. If I didn’t have class tomorrow I would be drunk right now. Ahahaha

IMG_2296 2

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, or in your prayers, whatever it is you do.


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