He Has What?!?!

Hand Foot and Mouth.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it has hit our household. I didn’t think it would ever happen. We had two instances where our boys were playing with kids who a day or two later had the infamous bumps and came out unscathed.

Not this time. Our little Tater Tot has hand foot and mouth disease. It sucks! I had actually never heard of this until we started going to Renaissance Club Sport and putting the kids into Kids World. He had a fever on Friday night and we noticed the bumps on Sunday so I am hoping we are on the downhill now that it’s Tuesday. Poor little guy is having a hard time sleeping and he’s just generally a cranky kid. If you’ve never heard of it, you should look it up. It’s not a fun thing to have and there’s nothing you can do for them. You can give them Tylenol and cold foods/liquids to help with the pain but that’s about it. I did learn last night that Tate likes his feet being rubbed; I don’t know if it helps with the pain or if they are itchy but I rubbed his poor little feet for the better part of last night.

I obviously can’t take him to Kids World because it is so contagious. Which means I need to get creative on when and how to do homework. I did decide to drop my astronomy class so I have roughly 3 hours in the morning when Janai is at the house before my psych class. Which means I come to school at 7 and do homework before going to class, go home, and try and entertain the boys at home for 7 hours. 😦 It’s only Tuesday, I have a test in psych, and I’m over the week. ahaha I am really enjoying my psych class though. It’s mostly open class discussions or small group discussions about things I find really interesting.

I am really enjoying my psych class though. It’s mostly open class discussions or small group discussions about things I find really interesting. Yesterday we talked about equality and females being second class citizens, which I obviously found really interesting. The only thing I would change about the class is the people in it. There are roughly 30 people in the class and the same 7-10 people contribute to our discussions every day. I would love to hear what everyone else thinks on these topics. Today is only our 6th class so hopefully, as this week comes to a close more people will open up and contribute.

On the plus side, next week is the 4th of July! Which is (usually) my favorite holiday. The Bay Area has got me a little jaded when it comes to the 4th. Since moving here I have not had a great 4th of July. I want that small town feel; fireworks, community, friends, fun, warm weather, and country music. I tried getting the country music in this weekend but it didn’t really work out. I’m hoping we can at least see fireworks this year. It would make me one happy girl! If not, I expect all of you to post videos on FB or here so I can watch live vicariously through you, and be jealous! 🙂


2 thoughts on “He Has What?!?!

  1. My partner was hospitalised with suspected hand foot and mouth. He baffled the doctors as it’s usually kids that get it so bad 😆 I shouldn’t laugh, wasn’t funny at the time. Hope your household feels better soon! ❤

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    1. Thank you! I did not know adults could get it until a friend let me in on that little info yesterday. I’ve been kissing my son and being very close with him to try and make him feel better so hopefully I stay in the clear!

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