Tough Decisions

I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

I have had a week of summer semester and I am contemplating dropping my astronomy class. I don’t have faith in myself; I don’t think I’m going to do well. And by well I mean I want an A. This professor let us know on average he only has 1 or 2 students get an A every semester, and he’s been teaching this class for 25 years (maybe 26, I can’t remember for sure). Anyway, I have been studying every day, which he said is the way to learn all the information in his class; not to mention the other 2 classes I have to study and do assignments for. And of course, since it’s summer semester it’s a full semester jammed into 6 weeks. SO the test I have on Wednesday for my astronomy class wouldn’t normally be happening until week 4 (in a normal semester). 😦

Like I said in my last post I have three tests next week for my three different classes that just started this Monday. Anyway, the reason I’m stressing is that I’m considering dropping the astronomy class. Is it worth risking the bad grade?

Is it worth risking the bad grade?

Is it worth dropping the class, trying to get into another physical science in the next two semesters so I can still transfer to Berkley next fall?

Is it worth the stress it’s causing me?

God damn it. I have had anxiety all week and it’s been so long since I had any anxiety at all! I am not enjoying it. 😦

I tried to make an appointment and talk to a counselor just a few minutes ago and the website said they were not making any appointments. I don’t know if that means they only take walk-ins during the summer, I don’t know if that means they don’t see anyone during the summer… I have no idea. I want to talk to someone and plan out my path to make sure I get everything I need and take all my required classes to get into Berkley. 😦

Ugh. Why is college so hard????

Please, someone, tell me it’s all worth it. I need the reminder today, desperately.


4 thoughts on “Tough Decisions

  1. Tough it out, It is all worth it in the end! From my own experiences I can tell you that dropping a class makes it that much easier to drop future classes. It makes it easier to give up on other things later on in life. Stay in the class and prove to yourself that you can accomplish anything!

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  2. There will come a point in your education that you can’t drop certain classes no matter how hard they may be. This is not one of those classes. If it’s giving you this much anxiety, drop it. Get in to speak to an advisor and when making your plan, don’t try to over achieve because you are going to have some tougher classes once in a while. Find balance in student workload and life, it will make you happier.

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