A Vodka Worthy Day

Somehow my aunt just knew that I was struggling today. She randomly sent me this adorable video from FB:

So a little insight into my day:

My kids are driving me crazy!

All they have done today is argue with me, whine at me, and ignore me when I ask them to do things.

Every time I told Cash ‘no’ he would either meltdown, whine and scream or he would growl and pout. I was seriously ready to smack him at the end of the day. Thankfully Tyson came home and let me put my headphones in and work on my homework while he entertained Cash.

As for Tate, he just cried and wanted to be held since I got home from class, at 11! I couldn’t get him to nap unless I laid down and he got to snuggle on my chest. Which is cute and so adorable but today I was hungry and I had so much homework/studying to do. I didn’t eat much or get any homework done.

I was counting down the minutes until Tyson text me telling me he was on his way home. While I was trying to tell myself I didn’t need a drink yet and it could wait until at least 5 pm. 😦

My aunt gave me some great advice tonight and made me feel so much better about the whole day. Here’s how the conversation went:

ME: ❤ Thank you. I needed to see this today. ❤

AUNT: I totally saw you and the boys when I watched it. 💛💛💛

ME: I hope they love me that much and have good days ..Today was not one of those days. I yelled a lot.

AUNT: Those days happen, I think they remember the good days. Just always end the day with I love you….even if they are asleep before you can actually calm down enough to say it. 💜


I don’t know what prompted her to send me that video but it has made my night so much better and easier to deal with mentally. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a great role model in my life who loves me as unconditionally as she does.

I love you, Karen. ❤



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