Advice from Cash Man

I usually just keep a list of the funny things Cash says but today I had to share this story because it made my whole day.

A little background for this situation…

Tyson is out with friends tonight so whenever that happens Cash gets to fall asleep in our bed and Tyson will put him in his bed later. Somehow I hurt my back a few days ago. I went and got a deep tissue massage today and it hurts worse than before. The masseuse said it will hurt for a few days but it should calm down after the weekend. So keep your fingers crossed for me because I can barely move without shooting pain.

Anyway on with the story…

As I was putting him to bed tonight he asked me to snuggle with him. I told him how bad my back was still feeling. He immediately responded with “If you lay down forever it will make your back feel better. That means no more homework. Daddy has to do your homework now and you have to snuggle me.”

I have had a difficult few days and this really lifted my spirits. I love that he is still such a snuggle bug with his mommy and wants to spend time with me.

What are your cute, funny, eye gouging stories about your kiddos?

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