Signs You’re A Dad

To go along with my mom post for Mother’s Day, here’s one for the fellas. 🙂

I know I’m not a dad, but I live with one so I think I can spot the signs of a total dad. 🙂

  1. Dad jokes. Tyson might possibly be the best with the dad jokes; he is in a close competition with his own dad. Sadly though, Tyson had those dad jokes long before Cash and I came along.
  2. You are able to fall asleep anywhere with anything going on.
  3. This one piggybacks number 2; you can sleep through the baby crying.
  4. You’ve become the master of the white lie. I think this one just comes with having children. Telling them something broke or is out of batteries when really you took the damn batteries out so you didn’t have to hear it for another second!
  5. Again, all parents can relate to this one, but you’re definitely a dad when you’ve been covered in vomit that wasn’t yours. Just ask Tyson about our flight home from Atlanta when Cash was 1.5 years old. 😂
  6. Your balls are indestructible, or at least a little tougher than they used to be. I don’t know how many times one of the boys has hit, kicked, kneed, or elbowed Tyson in that area.
  7. You get very confident with your, um, package. Especially if you have boys because they will comment on it or try and grab it, all the time!
  8. You find “Daddy and Me” things very special and a must! Cash and Tyson (and sometimes Tate) have matching socks, matching shirts, and they have “Secret Boys Club” dates. All three of them love these little occasions that don’t involve mom. And trust me, I love them too! 
  9. You have or have had “Mickey Mouse Sex.” I heard this the other day on Chelsea Handler’s show and I laughed so hard because it’s so true. Her guest was talking about how he can turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and know he has a good 15 minutes of alone time with his wife. Any parent of toddlers will agree with me and laugh because they’ve done the same thing!
  10. You work hard for your family. You will work long hours and multiple jobs if need be, then come home and play with the kiddos and help with dinner and bedtime routines. 

Thank you to my own father, husband, and father-in-law for being such great and amazing fathers and examples to my boys. And thank you to all the other dads out there being active in your children’s lives. You are all heroes in my eyes. ❤️


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