Teen Pregnancy

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. I know Tyson and I have a lot of time until we need to worry about these types of things, but I think it’s a good parenting move to have these big discussions with your spouse before you reach that point in life. Prepare yourself. Get on the same page. Make sure you know how you want to deal with these types of issues when they arise.

I am not entirely sure what the right way to deal with sex and pregnancy is. My husband and I grew up in two different homes when it came to that sort of thing. Maybe the best route would be to meet somewhere in the middle. Who knows. Sometimes I wish there were legit parenting books. I say legit because there are ungodly amounts of parenting books, but they range from crazy anti-vaxxers to helicopter moms to exclusively breastfed to formula fed, etc. I think you get the point. Everyone has their own opinion on how to parent children and which is the right method. I wish there was one right way to parent that leads to good adults.

Fuck. Parenting is hard.

How do you talk to your kids about sex? What are your tried and true methods?


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