There are so many things going on in the month of May. We have Cinco de Mayo on the 5th, The Kentucky Derby on the 6th, Mother’s Day on the 14th, my father’s birthday, my father-in-law’s birthday, my parent’s anniversary, Bottle Rock, finals, and my parents coming to visit. It’s going to be a busy month for us.

Other than all of those events May is Mental Health Awareness Month, National Military Appreciation Month, and National Maternal Depression Awareness Month. All of these things are close to my heart.

Obviously, the Military Appreciation is close to my heart because my brother, cousins, uncles, and grandfathers have all served or are serving.

Mental Health Awareness Month and Maternal Depression Awareness Month go hand in hand for me. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager but it got significantly worse after having both my children.

My struggles with mental illness are what pushes me to go to school and do well in school. You can read all about my struggles here; if you haven’t already.

Little things like declaring May the National Maternal Depression Awareness Month is a small step to a bigger dream. I ultimately want every pregnant woman and her spouse to learn about postpartum depression and anxiety. I want it to be something people aren’t afraid to talk about. Something women can openly talk about without being embarrassed or being ridiculed. The theme for this year is ‘Speak Up When You’re Down.’ I absolutely love the theme. It’s hard to speak up, but it saves lives.

I know it saved mine.  

So, if anyone needs someone to talk to, vent to, unload to, or really anything else I have a free ear and would love to listen to you. ❤

Also, I want to make a little side note that taking medication does not make you weak. I had reservations when I first started seeing my psychiatrist but it has made a world of difference in my life. I don’t want to think about where I might be if I hadn’t been open and taken the medications.


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