Finals Week is Officially Over!

I'm sorry I've been so MIA this week. This was finals week and Tyson has been gone for work since Sunday afternoon. Which means I have been studying, stressing, and taking tests the past couple of days on my own. The great news is it's all over! Pray for me that I get all A's again … Continue reading Finals Week is Officially Over!


Control or Equality?

I wrote this out on Thursday and I meant to post it yesterday for Feminist Friday but I was busy with the boys, homework, and then the pool so I just honestly didn't have time and didn't think about it until it was too late. I'm sorry about that. I really do try and stay on … Continue reading Control or Equality?

10 things I say all the time!

As a mother I find myself repeating myself, all god damn day. I swear my kids refuse to listen to me on purpose. They must like to hear my voice or something. 🙂 Anyway, a while back I wrote Cash's top 10 sayings I hear throughout the day so I figured, since I am constantly … Continue reading 10 things I say all the time!

A Vodka Worthy Day

Somehow my aunt just knew that I was struggling today. She randomly sent me this adorable video from FB: So a little insight into my day: My kids are driving me crazy! All they have done today is argue with me, whine at me, and ignore me when I ask them to do things. … Continue reading A Vodka Worthy Day

Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Can I get real with you all for a minute? I want a do-over. Also, sick kids suck! They are cranky, whiny, obnoxious, snotty, and they won't leave you alone. Worse than sick kids is having sick kids while you are sick. Which was my Mother's Day; I have some sort of sinus infection or … Continue reading Mother’s Day Do-Over?

Things you should never say to a mom

In honor of Mother's Day: Every single mom has those horror stories about the insane comments people say to you while pregnant, a mom to babies, a mom to toddlers, a mom to school-aged children, a mom to pre-teens, and a mom to teens. I do not have any experience with comments to school-aged children … Continue reading Things you should never say to a mom

Jim Comey’s Farewell Letter

I found this little piece of great literature on The Mary Sue. I always knew that my degree in English literature that I am still paying for would one day prove to be crucial in a world crisis. Now, I will expertly use the unique skills that I was trained in, like close reading and … Continue reading Jim Comey’s Farewell Letter

Advice from Cash Man

I usually just keep a list of the funny things Cash says but today I had to share this story because it made my whole day. A little background for this situation... Tyson is out with friends tonight so whenever that happens Cash gets to fall asleep in our bed and Tyson will put him … Continue reading Advice from Cash Man

Signs You’re A Dad

To go along with my mom post for Mother's Day, here's one for the fellas. 🙂 I know I'm not a dad, but I live with one so I think I can spot the signs of a total dad. 🙂 Dad jokes. Tyson might possibly be the best with the dad jokes; he is in … Continue reading Signs You’re A Dad

15 Signs You’re A Mom

Sometimes I walk past a mirror and cringe at my reflection. Other times I hear myself and some of the things I say to my boys makes me hang my head in shame. I am such a mom! It's disgusting! Here are my 15 telltale signs you are a mom, specifically a mom to toddlers. You … Continue reading 15 Signs You’re A Mom