My Tribe

Everyone says it takes a village to raise a child and I’m sure that’s true, but we don’t have that village. We don’t have any close family here in the Bay Area and have only recently started making friends with kids.

However, I will say the friends we have made so far have been such a blessing for my mental state. They don’t even have to help with the kids, just the fact that I can have adult conversations with them is a huge help!

This past weekend Lauren and Chris came out to the gym for drinks and bocce and then came back to the house for more drinks and games. These two have always been so great with our kids; Cash instantly climbed up on the couch and snuggled up with Lauren. ❤ Tyson asked for snuggles and he wanted to snuggle Chris instead because “he hasn’t had any snuggles yet.” Lauren read Cash’s bedtime story (The Book With No Pictures), which was so cute! They were both cracking up! It’s such a great feeling to know other people care about your kids and watching your kids enjoy themselves and care about others outside of your family.

I can’t leave Jess out. She was my first friend I made here in CA by myself and I absolutely adore her. She has been there for me through some pretty hard times and never judged. She’s always honest with me, even when it’s hard to hear. She is so good to my boys and I honestly can’t thank her enough. As I’m writing about her I keep thinking of different times when she has been there for myself or my boys. She drove us to Urgent Care and then the ER when Cash hurt his finger and stayed with us until Tyson got there. She is always there when I need someone to lean on. She has been more than happy to listen to me bitch about the kids. She really is just a great friend. My school schedule has made it hard to get together the past few months and I miss her terribly! Jess, I can’t wait until the boys are feeling better and we can get together!

Tyson and I have started making some great friends at our gym who also have kids really close in age to our boys, which is great! We make plans and involve the kids without worry of them being annoyed. We also make plans without the kids but know it needs to be planned in advance or one of the spouses has to be home with the kids. It’s a nice change to have so many friends with kids! We were just talking the other day about starting a bowling league, going to Napa, a Derby party, and going to Vegas! I hope that all of these things actually come about because I would love to spend more time with these couples, their kiddos, and build our own “family” here in CA.

Another thing that has been great about our new friends is that they are all wonderful parents. I never have to worry about bringing my kids around them and worrying about what they are going to say to our kids or their kids being a bad influence. I hope they feel the same way about us because we do try to be good parents and raise good boys. I know Cash can be a bit sassy sometimes but we’re working on it. 🙂

We also have some pretty awesome friends without kids (besides Lauren and Chris). Emily, James, Will, and CeCe are always a blast to be around and don’t mind that the kids have to tag along sometimes. Emily and James even got Tate to take his first steps at our last Tahoe trip. 

The moral of this post is that we are building up our tribe and I feel incredibly lucky to have them in my life and in our boys’ lives. ❤️❤️


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