Disappearing Act

Hello everyone,

I don’t know when I will be posting again. I have some silly and generic posts already written but I’m not sure when I will be writing anything worthwhile. School right now is kicking my ass.

I am swimming in homework.

Tyson told me last night most people take 5 classes a semester and I’m just not sure how they do it. I have 4 classes with a 6 week class on top of that and I’m swamped. I just have to keep reminding myself, all of this will be worth it in the end.

I feel guilty if I’m not doing homework and working on this instead or if I’m reading something other than school books. So I may be MIA for a while. Thankfully this semester will be over in 5 weeks. Then it’s three weeks of freedom and then back to it for the summer semester. It’s going to be a busy summer but I am looking forward to getting that much closer to applying for UC Berkley. ❤

univerity life 2

university life


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