What Feminism Means To Me

I know it’s late. I’m sorry, I had homework then got distracted at the gym by a friend’s birthday and drinks. (Of course. :)).

For Feminist Friday I thought I would write about what I believe is feminism. What feminism means to me and how I try to live my life and raise my boys. I will be completely honest; I am new to the feminist movement. I have always had strong opinions about women being equal to men, abortion, and many other women’s issues, but the more I learn, the more I love it. The more I learn about the movement, past, and present, the more I want to model my life in a certain manor. There are plenty of misconceptions about feminism that cause people to think it’s something bad, obnoxious, or radical. I want to try and help change these views and ideas.

To get technical; per Merriam-Webster feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. And organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

Feminism is not about hating men. Everyone has heard that feminists hate men; everyone has heard of the feminazi. True, there are some women who say they are feminists and hate men, but I truly don’t believe they are feminist. I believe the whole idea behind feminism is making everyone equal; all genders, all races, all ages, all sexual preferences, etc. For me, feminism is the exact opposite of hating.

Feminism is about supporting men, as well. Gender equality means equality for men too. Feminism is good for men. It allows men to open up about their feelings and has options (like being a nurse or a stay at home dad) without backlash from society. It allows men to be physically strong or physically weak, aggressive or passive, be players or prudes, supports their family financially or has their partner support their family, enjoy violence or detest it, enjoy sports or dislike them, and the list goes on. It allows men to be who they truly are as well as support the women in their lives.

Feminism is not about the past. When I say this, I mean it’s not all about protesting the Miss USA pageant and burning bras, heels, porno videos, etc. Feminism has come a long way since the first wave of the feminist movement, the suffrage movement, and the 19th amendment. It has also come a long way since the second wave of feminism, Betty Friedan, and consciousness raising. Women in the 21st century have new battles to face and new people to include. It also has new heroes/heroines and new “villains.”

Feminism is all inclusive and intersectional. Feminism now needs to include women of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ethnicities. We, as feminists, cannot exclude someone of a different race or sexual preference and think we are doing good for the world and for women. By including all these different women and men, we can only become more educated, sympathetic, caring, and empowered. Nothing good can come out of excluding a certain group of people.

Feminism is not about belittling women for their choices. This one covers so many different aspects of life. For me personally, it isn’t about putting down stay at home mothers or working mothers. Everyone has their own reasons for working or not working. Everyone’s family needs different things. And more than that, every woman needs different things. Feminism is about accepting and lifting up every woman, regardless of their choices or needs. Whether that be to shave or not to shave, to be sexually attracted to men or women, to wear make-up or not. Every single woman has different lifestyles, wants, needs, desires, etc. and as a feminist, I feel that we need to openly accept them all!

Feminism is not about slut shaming. Women are sexual beings as well. Why is it okay for men to be sexual beings but not women? Because they are supposed to be pure and virginal? That’s such a load of shit. Women should be able to do what they please, dress how they please, and act as they please (as long as they aren’t putting anyone else in danger obviously). It’s so frustrating that men are praised for their sexual escapades but women are looked down on for the same thing.

Feminism isn’t about makeup or not shaving. People have these ideas that feminism is about not shaving, not wearing make-up, or being lesbian and that simply isn’t the case. I love wearing make-up and false eyelashes. I love wearing dresses and heels as well as rockin’ my leggings and muscle tees. I also love my husband, but I love and accept any woman who is the complete opposite of me, detests make-up, doesn’t shave, and is lesbian, or anywhere in between.

At the end of the day feminism, to me, must be all inclusive or it isn’t truly feminism. It’s hate with the excuse of feminism.


Feminism is for everyone!

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