Worst Chores EVER!

Chores suck. Everyone knows it. Anyone that likes cleaning is a weirdo. Plain and simple. But there are a few chores that I hate more than others.

  1. Laundry. This is going to sound bad but if it was just my laundry I wouldn’t mind. None of my clothes get folded so it’s quite easy for me to put my clothes away. And I don’t go through a ton of clothes every day so I could easily go two weeks before having to do laundry. My kids obviously go through more clothes than I would like and half of their clothes get folded up. My husband goes through an insane amount of clothing every day. On top of going through a bunch of clothes, he is very particular about how they are folded, which means I’ve given up on folding them. He doesn’t like the way I do it, so I don’t do it anymore.
  2. Cooking. I just don’t really like to cook. Thankfully Tyson enjoys it and is good at it! Ever since we started doing Blue Apron I have pretty much quit cooking. Tyson has never said he’s been annoyed or dislikes doing all the cooking and I couldn’t appreciate him more.
  3. Cleaning the bathroom.  I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. My husband and Cash are both very clean as far as boys go, but I still don’t enjoy doing it. My hair falls out like crazy so there’s hair all over the place (no just in the bathroom), the kids leave bath toys everywhere, we have a small apartment which means clutter, and bathrooms are just gross.
  4. Walking the dog. Tyson’s dog is his true love. I am not an animal person and I would much rather not have a pet but Tyson is the complete opposite. I don’t enjoy walking her at all. Especially when it’s cold, dark, or I can hear the turkeys anywhere near me. Ahahaha
  5. Bathing the kids. This really is just related to Tate. I hate bathing Tate. Cash is so easy in the tub or shower. Tate is still too young that he’s difficult to bathe and doesn’t listen. He tries to stand up when I wash him and will hit his head on the soap thing on the wall or he will slip and put his head in the water. Then he gets upset when it’s time to wash his hair because he doesn’t like getting water in his face but doesn’t understand the concept of tilting his head back. I can’t wait until he is just a little bit older and tubby time is a bit easier.

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