Toddlers and Bad Dreams

Last night was a rough one in the Marsh household. Cash woke up around 2 AM and had locked himself in his room so he couldn’t open his bedroom door. He had turned off the sound machine and turned on the lights. So of course, Tate woke up. Tyson tried to go into their room, calm Tate down, and get him back to sleep while I took Cash in our room and talked to him. He kept saying he wanted to sleep in our room, and this has been happening a lot recently. (Honestly, I would be fine with him sleeping in our bed every once in a while but the hubby is not.) He didn’t say he had nightmares until I asked if he had a bad dream that woke him up. Then he said yes, he had a bad dream but couldn’t tell me what it was about.

Tate didn’t go back to sleep, which upset Tyson. He grabbed Cash and put him back in his bed where he cried himself to sleep. I took Tate and tried to get him to sleep with me. He would fall asleep and then jolt awake because he heard something or slipped off my chest. Tyson tried getting him to settle down out on the couch and got Tate to sleep for maybe an hour or so.

Cash slept for maybe two hours before everyone had to get up to take Tyson to the train. Needless to say, our kids were quite cranky toady and we were all exhausted.


(This video happened because Tate is wanting to be independent and walk down cement steps by himself, which he can’t do. I wouldn’t let him kill himself so he lost it and threw a huge fit. Cash started crying because his brother was so sad. My freaking kids man!)

The purpose of this post is to see if anyone else has gone through this. Does anyone have any tips? He didn’t say he was scared of monsters or something else in his dreams. I mention this because I had a friend make “monster spray” and it helped her son. I briefly searched Pinterest in the wee hours of the morning and quickly gave up.

monster spray

He already has “magic blankie” which is one of Tyson’s old Georgia blankets. Magic blankie has worked for over a year and we take it whenever we go on vacation. He still wants/needs it to sleep along with his mickey mouse doll. He’s really into superheroes and Darth Vader (he doesn’t quite understand that he’s a bad guy). So I’m trying to find some good ideas that might incorporate superheroes or star wars.

Tonight when we told him it was bedtime he started crying saying he was going to have bad dreams in his room. I asked him what was in his bad dreams and he told me it was dinosaurs, which is odd because he talks about dinosaurs all the time. He’s learning the names of them and seems to really like them. We are pretty strict about what he watches on TV so it’s not like he’s watching Jurrasic Park or anything. He is mostly watching shows like Mickey Mouse (really anything on Disney Jr.), Pokemon, or Transformers.

Anyway, I told Cash that daddy would go do a dinosaur check and look around his room and under his bed before he went in to go to sleep. Fingers crossed this helps and we get a full night of sleep tonight.

I need a stiff vodka tonic and any tips or tricks you have up your sleeves!

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