Thursday, March 30, 2017

I’ve finished my classes for the day which means spring break starts now! I am so excited to have a week off. I still have some work to do, but it will be significantly less than normal. Most of my homework involves watching movies for my film class, putting the final touches on my presentation, and editing my research paper. Going back from spring break will be a bit stressful, though. That Monday I have a test and a presentation. Then on Tuesday, I have another test. And of course two more tests due by Friday. YAY for college!

However, something more exciting than spring break is the fact that today is the last day of my being a part of the itty bitty tittie committee. My surgery is tomorrow morning and I am super excited. I’ve started to get pretty nervous if I’m being completely honest; I’ve only ever had surgery one other time which was to get my wisdom teeth removed. I’m also nervous about my recovery and not being able to really pick up Tate. It should be interesting and tricky to get used to.

Speaking of kids, has anyone else ever put your kids down for a nap or to bed, sat down to relax for just a few minutes, look at your clock only to realize it’s been at least 30 minutes and you’re still watching Disney Jr.? Yup, that just happened. IMG_0212


Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂


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