The Time Has Come

I’m super excited to announce that I am getting my boobs done! Tyson and I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday to discuss sizing, procedure, post-op, and go over any other questions we had.

This is something I have wanted since before I had Cash and felt even more strongly about after I had Tate (and nursed him for a year). Pregnancy and nursing really wrecks your ‘girls.’

I have mentioned my dislike for they way I look up there a handful of times (like here) but never talked about surgery. So now that it’s all finalized I figured I would put it out there in the open. 🙂

I am really excited and will write about my post-op recovery when the time comes.

Unfortunately, my excitement has been dampened a bit by this horrendous cold I have today. Thankfully, Tyson took the boys to soccer practice and the gym this morning. They were gone for about 7 hours and I slept the majority of that time. 😦 I woke up still feeling lousy. Hopefully, it goes away in the next day or two because I have an insanely busy week with midterms, a new class starting, and a research paper.

The struggle is real today!




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