Our Sweet and Sensitive Boy

Last night we were relaxing on the couch watching some random show that Cash chooses on Netflix called Beyblade: Metal Fusion.

The show was terrible. It’s basically like Pokemon but with spinning tops. Awful, but Cash liked it so we can suffer for 30 min to make him happy. That’s what parenting is all about right? Putting your kids first?

Anyway, the episode we were watching was about a boy who was “battling” and kept losing. He had to “pay” for every battle with the points he has earned somehow or another. The boy battled until he didn’t have any points left and his opponent just walked away because he was so “weak.” The boy dropped to his knees and cried. They made it really dramatic by having his tear drops hit the cement a few times.

Cash looked at me and told me the show made him sad and his little lip started quivering. He started crying and had a hard time calming down because he was so sad that the boy lost and was sad. It was honestly the cutest thing ever. He couldn’t really articulate why he was crying; he just wanted to snuggle because he was sad. It seriously made me smile from ear to ear and made my heart soar.

I love watching my sensitive boy learn and grow.

Tyson and I are so lucky to have this sweet kid in our lives. ❤


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