Chrissy Teigen

crissy teigen.jpg

If you haven’t heard already Chrissy Teigen opened up in Glamour Magazine about her postpartum depression. I think this is absolutely incredible. I never disliked her but I’ve also never told someone, “Oh, Chrissy Teigen, I absolutely love her!”

That all changed today, though.

I admire her.

I can’t even imagine the strength it took to write that open letter and reveal it to the world on such a level. She truly is an incredibly strong woman.

This is just one step closer to what I want to happen. If you are new to my blog you can read about my struggles and dreams if you would like, but the short version is I want the world to open up about the struggles of motherhood and the struggles of postpartum. I want postpartum depression and anxiety to be talked about with every single pregnant woman.

Having celebrities be open and honest helps make the rest of the world these problems as “okay” or “normal;” whatever that means.

So, thank you, Chrissy Teigen.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you for being so strong.

Thank you for being so honest and raw.

And a huge thank you to Glamour Magazine for putting this in your magazine.

You can read her full essay here.


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