Birthday Week

Today officially starts my birthday week and I am so excited!

We are starting the week off with brunch at Katy’s Creek with a couple of Tyson’s friends here in Walnut Creek. They have the best mimosas! Then we are taking the kids to the gym and dropping them off at Kids World to continue our afternoon with said friends at the bar inside the gym. Which sounds pretty great to me. Any adult conversation that isn’t constantly interrupted by “Mom, mom, mom, muma, muma….” sounds great to me!


Tyson isn’t a believer of the birthday month or the birthday week, which is a real bummer! He does spoil me, though don’t you worry about that. 🙂

Since Tyson is not a huge fan of the birthday week I am just going to small things with the boys to celebrate my birthday. I still have to go to school and do loads of homework, but I will work some fun into the week as well. Maybe go get breakfast on one of my late mornings or lunch on one of the days I have class early. Or maybe I will take the boys to Tilden Little Farm again to pet the cows. 🙂 I am also going out for drinks in the city with some girlfriends on Thursday and leaving the boys with Daddy. I know that we will go out with Jess and the boys at least once this week since it will be so nice outside. Maybe a nice walk around the reservoir or a trip into the city.

On my actual birthday, we are going to a masquerade murder mystery dinner with some friends which is going to be so much fun! I’m renting a dress from Rent the Runway and ordered a fancy mask. 🙂 P.S. If you have never ordered from RTR before you should! it’s amazing! And if you send me your email I can give you $30 off, which is also a big plus.

I will definitely be posting pictures because we are going to look so good! Ahahaha

How do you guys celebrate your birthday? Do you do birthday months? Weeks?


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