I’m “That Mom”

This blog is everything!!!
Her other posts are great too and definitely worth checking out. But I am definitely “that mom” and so are so many other moms I know.
You go Mama!

World's Okayest Mom

I’m “That Mom”.
I’m sure you’re reading this, thinking I mean,
I’m the Mom who never misses a PTO meeting“,
I’m the Mom who bathes her kids every night, and reminds them to brush their teeth before bed
or “I’m the Mom who takes her kids to dance lessons on Tuesdays, soccer practice on Wednesdays and piano lessons on Sunday evenings“, but I’m not.
I thought I would be…
I tried to be…
But let’s be real, I’M SELFISH and I enjoy my time at home, with my phone in my hand, no pants on, and a baby on the boob while the older kids play in their rooms. And I think that’s totally fine!

Here’s what kind of “That Mom” I am:

-I’m the Mom who hasn’t brushed her hair in 3 days, and is always in a baseball hat.

-I’m the Mom…

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