Man oh man!

I love tattoos. It’s really more of a love hate relationship because I think they are quite painful, but I do love the end result. I wish I was braver (and Tyson would let me) because I would get my chest done, as well as my stomach/underboob. And it’s quite unfortunate that I want to have a ‘real job’ when I grow up because I love hand tattoos. I think they are so pretty if done right.


I would also like to get the majority of mine fixed, covered up, or just finished; but I also have a few new ones in mind. If it’s even possible I would love to have one of my sleeves covered up and be completely black and gray. I made a mistake having so much color. I think black and gray is just simple and beautiful.


I also want to get some sort of girl power tattoo. I think these are too cute! Very small and simple. Sometimes those are the best tattoos. ❤


I would also like a semicolon tattoo somewhere, probably my wrist. I don’t want this post to get sad so you can read about that here and here. ❤


I have always wanted to find someone to get a peanut butter and jelly tattoo with me. It would have to be a friend that I can be goofy with and doesn’t mind silly tattoos. Something similar to this. Little pieces of bread with smiley faces! Ah, they’re just so cute. Tyson thinks this idea is dumb, but I still love it. 😀



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