Transformation Tuesday

This post was inspired by some adorable text messages I got from my Aunt a couple weeks ago. Here are the screen shots she sent me. I was around 3 or 4 in all of these pictures I think. And every single outfit I had on was hand-made by my grandma. (I love you Weezer, but come on!) She legit had one photo of her hubby. But who can blame her? Ahahaha



Now here are a few before and after photos of me, even those first ones are so 90’s and adorable! All but one of these before photos are pre-tattoos as well. 🙂



(Junior High)


(fall 2009)


(May 2009)


My cute brother and I with my dad’s dogs. (Nov 2009)



(summer 2013 – right after I had Cash)



Our wedding. ❤ (July 10, 2015)


Cash’s adoption (August 2016)


The girls in Tahoe. (July 2016)


My cute brother and I all grown up. He’s a father, husband, and United States Marine now. (Nov 2016)


Me with my precious little boys. (Dec 2016)

My full smile with my top lip raised higher on one side than the other hasn’t changed, my hair is still dark brown or black, and I’m still full of sass. I’ve lost the Utah poof (see photos below) and awkward ways to be replaced with natural hair and more confidence than I’ve ever felt in my life (still needs a lot of work but I’m proud of what I have so far). I’ve obviously tattooed a good portion of my body in the past 5 1/2 years and grown my hair out more than once. But more importantly, I’ve become a mother twice and a wife. I have a beautiful family and have grown much closer to my parents and extended family.

Now on to the good stuff; let me educate you on the infamous ‘Utah Poof’. For those of you who did not grow up in Utah (or parts of Idaho) there was/is (I’m not sure if it’s still a thing or not) a hair style all the girls went ga-ga over. The poof. The bigger the better in most cases. It was usually mom haircuts or the ‘mo-mo’ cut (aka ‘Mormon cut’ for all you non-Mormon folks). All the Mormon girls had this cut, they poofed it like crazy, and had chunky streaks. My god, it was terrible! I can proudly say, mine was never too bad, but it was still there. Oh yeah, and tanning beds were our best friend.


Yes, I went to high school with all 4 of these girls. Yikes! poof

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