When They Go Low We Go High 

This was posted on my friends mother’s Facebook page. I knew she was a Trump supporter and I never cared or thought less of her. 

I even remember on voting day I posted a pic on IG calling for my friends to go vote and ended it with the hashtag “imwithher”. She commented on this post letting me know she did vote but not for who I wanted. I simply replied, “I don’t care; as long as you went out and exercised your right to vote.”

The ending to this story is that she did delete me. I guess she can’t handle seeing someone disagree with her or have differing views. It is upsetting that people don’t want to be “friends” or hear someone else’s views simply because they don’t align with their own.

My husband and I don’t always agree politically but we make it work. We disagree on some pretty big social issues, but we don’t let that get between us. 


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