Mediocre Mom Brags

To go along with my “bad mom moments” post I want to show you I’m not always a terrible mother; just a mediocre, sometimes shitty mom with little to no patience and way too much OCD.

When we tried to teach Cash new numbers he would just goof around and act like he couldn’t even count to 10, which he’s been able to do for over a year now. Anyway, Cash has been trying to learn how to count to 25 so he can get a new lightsaber, Tyson’s bribe to get him to focus on his numbers. It took us over a week to get him to 15 and he’s still struggling with it. I bought him some M&Ms and had him count those but Tyson doesn’t want him eating candy all the time. So I decided to make some charts that might help him.

I made numbers and letters boards with some stickers and poster boards. I drew the correct number of circles by each number so if he gets stuck he can count them. However, Cash got the markers and tried to draw a circle on one of them, which made me so annoyed. My OCD wanted everything to be nice and neat. And I had already asked him not to color on the poster board. UGH! Then for the ABC poster, I went through a bunch of magazines and cut out a few of each letter. It was all pretty easy to make, just a little time-consuming.

Of course, my OCD and short patience didn’t let the game last very long. We did a few on each letter and I couldn’t do anymore. I told him I was done playing our ‘game’. I’m really working on my patience, some days are just harder than others.


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