I have found a new (by that I mean new to me) app that makes contacting your representatives and staying up to date on bills and policies extremely easy! I have been playing around with it for just 30 minutes or so and am already in love with it. It is called Countable. They have the app and the web page you can use, whichever you prefer.

To start out you find out who your representatives are but putting in your zip code. They give your senators and house of representative/s member. You can view their votes, message them, or video message them!

Then you pick the topics you are interested in and want to keep an eye on or follow. There are so many different topics/issues. They range from abortion to the environment to crime and police to congress shenanigans. You can also follow profiles of those in politics that interest you, which is pretty cool.

Once you finalize everything you are interested in you can scroll along the ‘newsfeed’ and read up on topics/issues you want. They post new ones constantly as they are released so you are always up to date. Then the best part of this app/web page is that you can contact your representatives right through the app/web page and let them know how you want them to vote and what you think.

It’s really awesome! It takes a lot less time than writing and mailing in your representatives.


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