Bad Mom Moments

Let’s be honest, adulting is hard. But parenting is harder.

We all have bad mom moments and here are a few of mine.

  • My kids have this bad habit of waking up early, I mean 5 AM early. Sometimes I will hang out with the boys until 7 ish and then put Tate down for a nap. Once I do this I will make sure Cash has everything he needs and take a little cat nap on the couch. Those 30 minutes of sleep are so glorious!
  • I take the boys to our gym and drop them off at the daycare just so I can have some quite time. This happens whether I have homework, blog work, or absolutely nothing to do.
  • Like any parent, I hide when I eat candy because I don’t want to share. Don’t lie, I know you do it. Honestly, I think my husband is the only adult who does not do it. He will openly eat candy in front of our kids and just simply tell them no and let them complain. It drives me nuts!
  • Also like any normal parent out there, I have told Cash we don’t have batteries or the batteries are dead just so I don’t have to hear a certain toy anymore.
  • The other day I got a sitter so I could go to a doctor appointment. I didn’t know for sure how long the appointment was going to last so I got the sitter for 3 hours, just to be safe. Well, I had an extra hour after driving home. I legit sat in the parking lot of the shopping center down the street from my house for 40 minutes so I didn’t have to go home yet.
  • I’ve told Cash it’s late or past his bedtime when it definitely wasn’t. Thank god for winter hours!
  • Whenever Tyson is not home we live on pasta and take out. I just can’t stand cooking for myself and a picky 3 1/2-year-old.

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