History Repeating Itself

“Demagogues survive politically by fostering hatred, especially against minorities. They try to divide people up by their religion, country of origin or the color of their skin. By temporarily barring all immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries and giving preference to Christian refugees, Trump is doubling down on the hateful rhetoric he used during his campaign. Further, he is breaking with the historic tradition of the U.S. and turning his back on those men, women, and children fleeing violence, oppression, and starvation. Trump’s latest executive action will not make us safer. In fact, his anti-Muslim actions play right into the hands of those anti-American fanatics who wish to do us harm. Love and compassion trumps hatred and intolerance.” – Bernie Sanders

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, president Donald Trump repeated one of the US’s most tragic errors

Read this article. Tell me if it doesn’t make you think twice about where this country is going…


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