A letter to Rob Bishop 

A friend of mine from Utah wrote this letter to his representative, Rob Bishop. I wanted to share it because I want to encourage everyone else to write to their senators and congressmen/women if they want to see a change.

Thank you for sharing this with us, James.

I’m pretty sure Bishop won’t read my letter so I decided to let you all read it for funsies.

I am not at all satisfied with your representation in our district and the rest of the coalition of republican lawmakers in Utah and their unabashed hostility towards the preservation of the outdoors.
I’ve lived in your district for my entire life, albeit a four year stint where I served in US Navy. Part of what grew me close to this state was my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, and the easy access we had to public lands. I’ve had friends who moved here because they were in love with untouched, rugged landscape and the easy access to trails, hunting, and camping. There is a wonderful natural world where others can get away from the insanities of civilization and industry at a moment’s notice. I have genuinely never heard a single person utter “this terrain is just beautiful, BUT it could really use more urban development and a big oil rig right there.”
The bill being presented by Jason Chaffetz, HR 621, and your aggressiveness towards redistributing the public lands back into power of state and private use seems like a short-sighted solution to make money. You’ll excavate the resources and the short term effects might wield a monetary gain, but what happens when, again, the resources run out and the industry that recovers those resources have left? We are left with scars of a landscape that wasn’t yet forsaken. It’s time to think of what will happen long term for the future generations, or perhaps you don’t actually care at all about that. Perhaps you don’t care because that problem is the future’s problem, and the money is needed now. If this is the case, you never actually cared about your constituents or the people here at all.
You have been quoted saying “the antiquities act is the most evil act ever invented.”, and “if anybody likes the way the antiquities act, the way it is written, die” and also something along the lines getting stupidity out of the gene pool. I think the only thing here that questions intelligence is how you got elected again after spewing some arbitrary diatribe like this? The legacy you are leaving for yourself isn’t a great one, Rob. In fact, I don’t think you’ll get elected again.
To close out, I’m going to quote a respectable republican who ironically signed in the Antiquities Act, and I think his intentions were clear; you’re living proof why we need it.
“We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields and obstructing navigation.” – Theodore Roosevelt
I have never actually participated in protest before, but if it’s to keep the public lands right where they are then I guess there is a first time for everything.
Someone who should die apparently,

James Bockas
Ps. I considered myself conservative a time ago, but I definitely do not agree with your sentiments on conservation, and I’ll oppose you as long [you] as maintain it.”

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