6 things I can eat my weight in

This list was originally 5 things, but I couldn’t leave a single one off the list. My OCD of liking things in 5’s is going a little bit insane right now…

I can be quite picky, but when I find something I like to eat I eat it as often as possible. I will literally eat this food until my husband is sick of it. Oops. 😀

  1. My new favorite is brussels sprouts. A little olive oil, salt and pepper, and popped in the oven for 20 minutes. OMG. So good.
  2. Toast. Tate and I eat toast with butter every morning for breakfast and I’m nowhere near sick of it. It also helps that Tate is eating something other than baby food.
  3. Steak. Now this one is tricky because it has to be a good steak. Not over cooked with yummy seasonings. Tyson has mastered cooking steaks. ❤
  4. Mashed Potatoes. I only like to eat my mashed potatoes (which are really my dad’s).
  5. Turkey. My favorite meal of the year! I was extremely disappointed with our turkey dinner this past Thanksgiving so I made it for Christmas.
  6. Queso. Anyone that knows me knows I always have queso at my house, on trips, to cure a hangover, etc. I love it! And it really does cure hangovers. 🙂


What do you love to eat? What should I try to broaden my horizons?

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