You Don’t March For Life

Courtney Hood wrote an incredible article that I had to share with you. Thank you so much, Courtney, for sharing this with the world. I couldn’t agree more, but I could never put it so eloquently. ❤

You can find her blog here.

“To those participating in the March For Life:

First of all, good for you. Raise your voices, express your concerns, gather, make signs, do your thing. I won’t call you names. I respect your right to do this, and I respect your conviction.

Second, be clear with your cause. You don’t march for life. You march for the birth of a fetus. Think about this: at what age does this life stop mattering to you? When it’s in the womb, you cry for it, you fight for it, you empathize with it, you march for it. When it becomes 1 month old, you hope the mother supports it, feeds it, and nurtures it. But you don’t support the mother in this endeavor. You think she should “work hard,” “pull herself up by the bootstraps,” and get by on her $7.25/hr minimum wage job. You vote for those who block legislation to protect its mother from violence, from making the same wage as men, from getting basic healthcare, from getting food stamps and support to care for it.

When it becomes 6 years old, you hope there’s a public school around to teach it. But you vote for those who don’t want to fund public schools. You vote for those who believe our schools are “flushed with cash” yet somehow failing. The wealthier kids that live by it are able to go to different schools, but this fetus is stuck at the public school that is overcrowded, underfunded, and it falls behind in reading and math. You feel bad for it, but you don’t march for it. You mostly blame its single mother for not doing more to be involved in its schooling. “She should do homework with it. She should read to it more. Maybe she should get it a tutor.” But she is working two jobs and barely getting by.

Now it’s 14 years old. It just had its first experience with a boy. It’s not sure if it was safe with this boy and it thinks it needs to go see a doctor. But it is scared, and it is embarrassed, and it does not want to get in trouble with mom. So it looks for a Planned Parenthood in its area, but they’ve all been shut down. But you feel no sympathy for it anymore. It’s now a slut to you. It should have made better choices, been more Christian. It is no longer worthy of your support, and you do not march for it. Because you‘re not marching for life. You’re marching for religion, and righteousness, and oppressing women with your outdated views of how they should behave.

So it gets no prenatal care. It goes on living for the next three months wearing baggy sweatshirts and hoping no one notices. When its mom finally does notice she tells it to get an abortion, because they don’t have the money to support another it, and because it is still a child trying to go to school and have a life. But again, you don’t march for this life. You have voted for making abortion illegal and you feel good, you feel “right with God,” because you saved another fetus.

This time it was given up for adoption. It joins more than 400,000 childrenin the US foster care system. If it is lucky, it will only spend the average three years in foster care. If it is lucky, it will not fall into the 78% of foster

care children who experience some form of abuse. If it is lucky, it will not be one of the 80% of imprisoned people who spent some time in the foster care system. If it is lucky, it will be one of the 50% of foster kids that graduate high school by the age of 18. If it is lucky, it will be one of the 9% of former foster care kids that earn a bachelor’s degree. If it is lucky, it will be adopted before it turns 18 and is thrown out onto the streets to fend for itself. But you don’t march for those lives.

Now it is 18. It jumped from foster home to foster home. It doesn’t have a family. It is depressed, emotionally damaged. It needs help. It could use some healthcare, but obviously can’t afford it. It could use a job, but has no clothes and nowhere to stay. You avoid it on the streets, taking the long route to your car hoping it doesn’t stop you to ask for some change. You wish it would go somewhere else, anywhere but your neighborhood. It gets too hungry. It turns to sex work, because it’s the only option it has. It starts using drugs to numb the pain of this sex work. But you don’t march for this life. This life is a burden on society to you. This life is un-Christian, unworthy of your tax dollars. This life should get its act together, overcome all odds and become a self-made it just like your granddaddy. And when this life has a new it inside of it, again you will march.”


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