Lyft and Airbnb

In the wake of the horrific bans being passed by this administration, there are some awesome companies doing some amazing things.

Lyft is offering to donate 1 million dollars to the ACLU after news of Trump’s immigration ban became public knowledge.You can read a full article on it here but to summarize; the two co-founders, John Zimmer and Logan Green, sent an email to their customers informing them of their decision and condemning Trumps ‘Muslim ban.’

“Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft’s and our nation’s core values,” the co-founders wrote.
“We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.”


Airbnb is another company standing up against hate. CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky took to facebook to let the world know they are willing to provide free housing to refugees and those who are not home and denied the ability to board flights. There’s no exact information on this offer yet, but you can read the full article here.

“Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right, and we must stand with those who are affected.
Airbnb is providing free housing to refugees and anyone else who needs it in the event they are denied the ability to board a US-bound flight and are not in your city/country of residence. We have 3M homes, so we can definitely find people a place to stay.
For more details, please reach me directly at”


We need more companies willing to stand up to the Trump administration and show him what he is doing is wrong!

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