A Beer Kind of Mom

I have an amazing guest post for you today! My husband has virtually introduced me to Jan O. of The Shitty Housewife. I can not wait to get back to Atlanta to meet her in person. A new development happened just this morning. It is her and Tyson’s 20th high school reunion and I think we are going! I am so excited to finally get the chance to meet her in person!!!

Anyway, if you don’t know anything about her or her blog yet you need to go check it out. Right away. Seriously, like right now! She has so much to offer and I love reading her blog! She hilarious, witty, truthful, and honestly does it all! So without further ado, The Shitty Housewife…..


A Beer Kinda Mom


If you are reading this you know that Ashley has claimed to be a Vodka Kinda Mom. And although I have yet to meet Ashley in person, thanks to social media and me being a mild stalker, I feel like the phrase she grabbed is very fitting. I know these kinda moms. I will be honest with you, sometimes I envy these ladies. You see, I myself am a parent and also a drinker. But I classify under a different title. I am what you call A Beer Kinda Mom.


You see, while Ashley hates buying a big bulky sweater for a Christmas party because it is ugly and hides her killer body, I crave them. I am older than her, my body has more flaws and my days of being fashionable are very few and far between. The idea of BEING FORCED to wear something oversized and lame would make going out for a night on the town much, much easier.


I have a friend who would for sure be more of a Vodka Kinda Mom. She just has her shit turned up a notch on all accounts. As a mom, a wife, the way she looks, the way she handles herself. She just is classy. Then there is me, the Beer Kinda Mom. A woman who always sports a stain is always dropping “F” bombs at carpool and whose signature look can be summed up in one word….DISHEVELED.


There is a world of differences between a Vodka Kinda Mom and a Beer Kinda Mom. And as moms, we can see which team we play on the moment we first meet at any story time, toddler class or playdate. One has organic everything while the other is shoveling out happy meals. One has an ironed shirt with fixed hair and makeup, while the other has wrinkled clothes…..and wrinkles on her face.  One is beyond stylish, as are her kids, while the other is wearing something from 2002 and her kids are half naked and mismatched. One can’t wait to get home to her vodka and the other to her Miller High Life.


But here is the thing…..there actually is NO DIFFERENCE. Because at the root of it, we are both just moms. We both live a daily struggle between loving a little human so much and missing ourselves just as much. We both wake up to little toddler demands and go to bed hearing those same exact demands. We both are playing a role we have no idea how to actually do, but pray to god we do it right so we don’t screw up our kids that bad. We are both moms and no matter how much we differ externally, we are exactly the same on the inside.


Like I said before, I have never met Ashley. And I know for a fact if we stood next to each other we would be like night and day. I mean everything about us LOOKS completely opposite. But I know I have more in common with her than I do with some of my best friends. We both are so in love with our children and are fighting our way to make a path to better their future. We both love being real and honest and are getting more and more comfortable with opening up about it. We both not only adore our husbands, we treasure the bond they have with our kids and cherish how hard they work for their families. We have the same political views, we are both feminists and we both love saying the word fuck and find it very appropriate for certain situations.


Moms are all so very different, but the reality is motherhood all equals the same thing. We are simply moms. The good, the bad and the ugly side of parenting is our number one journey now since we took on this role and no matter how different we are, we should all always have each others back and never judge. We are a team and we are the only ones who understand.


And I can not wait to meet Ashley face to face. I want all of our wild kids running around together while our husbands exchange war stories about being in a relationship with a hot, vulgar, smart, driven feminist. But mostly I want to order Ashley a beer, myself a vodka and cheers us for succeeding, no matter how different we are.


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