Feet and Milkies 

Today sucked, and now I’m laying in bed and my pillow smells like Cash’s stinky feet. Man o man does that boy have stinky feet. Who knew that was possible with a 3 year old! 

But that’s not what this post is about. This post started because I wanted to share Tate’s milestone that he reached today.

We have been getting donated breast milk for 6+ months and he drank his last bag of donated milk today. It’s all gone. No more milkies. He seems to be transitioning well to the almond milk; I’ve been adding more and more each day. And we get our freezer back! Which is pretty exciting news. Now if we could just get him off the bottle to a cup we would be winning at parenting, for a few moments. 😂

5 thoughts on “Feet and Milkies ”

    1. Good luck! It’s hard work. But I try and look back on how we did it with my older one and in hindsight it seemed so easy. You really do forget all the tantrums and hard transitions. 😃


  1. We are in the same boat regarding the transition to the sippy cup. It’s so hard! But if it’s offered every day … eventually they’ll take it, right?! My first kid used a straw cup but refused a bottle. Go figure. Never easy, is it?!

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