5 Things You Should Never Say to Me

I am good at covering up my sass, sometimes. These comments or questions get under my skin, every time. These are in no particular order, just put down randomly.

  1. “I think you’ve had enough to drink.” – Umm who are you? My mother? Give me a break!
  2. “Did you tattoos hurt?” – Are you dumb? Of course they hurt, idiot. Do you think it’s a freaking feather brushing over your skin?
  3. “Oh, your ears! Did it hurt to do that? How long did that take?” -Again, yes it hurt. And who cares how long it took? They are my ears, why are they such a concern to you?
  4. “What do your tattoos mean?” – Why do they have to mean anything? Can’t they just be funny or cute or because I was bored?
  5. Any sort of parenting advice. – You are not his parent, do not tell me how to do my job! You have no idea what goes on in our every day life and it’s none of your business how I raise my children. This goes hand in hand with someone criticizing how Tyson and I raise or discipline our children.

Why are people so intrusive? Geeze!

Maybe I have just heard all of these questions and comments so much that it’s frustrating, especially the tattoos and gauge ones. I think the only time those questions don’t annoy me is when it’s a kid asking me.


2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Never Say to Me

  1. Leave your stupidity at the door kind of attitude….I support that. I get the questions all the time, even though I blend well usually. It’s the glimpse of the chest piece, or the OO gauges, or the reference to my girl having aquamarine hair and face piercings that are so sexy that usually causes those less “bodily inspired” individuals to start prying with questions. Nice post.

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