School sucks and the semester hasn’t even started yet…

Today is just not going well for me. 😦

First I went to the financial aid office to discuss my student loan for this semester only to find out they have a max amount they let you take out each semester that doesn’t even cover the nanny I need to hire to attend two classes!

So what am I supposed to do as the classes I can take online dwindle? Stop going to school and wait until my boys are in school full time? Pay out of pocket?

Oh I forgot they have a daycare on campus but you have to take early childhood development classes and work in the office 3 hours a week. The classes do nothing for me or my major and I hate other people’s kids. I don’t want to work there. On top of all that their hours suck. They are only open 8-2 M-TH. Cutting it pretty tight there DVC. 😦

I went online to try and find one more online class (to keep me full time if I decide to drop those two on campus classes) and there isn’t any I can take that will be helpful. I either don’t have the prerequisites, they are full, closed, part of the PACE (adult education program), or I have already fulfilled that requirement section. I don’t want to take some random class that I don’t need (or want).

How is a girl supposed to get a degree and be a mom?!?!

I decided I wanted to have some positive news so I figured I would look into applying for UC Berkley for the fall of 2017. Guess what?! I can’t do that either! As a transferring student you need 60 credits at the end of spring semester with as many lower level classes in your major and a handful of other classes that DVC only offers on campus.

Which is fine and all, I’m not really complaining about that. It was more of a reminder how difficult DVC is being. I can’t take all those lower division classes without going on campus and there’s no way I can take 20+ more credits online because they just don’t offer it.

Can today be over? I kind of just want to go to bed. 😦

On the bright side we do have brand new sheets and a duvet cover on our bed, which I’m pretty excited about.

P.S. There will be no home made dinner tonight because I have no desire or energy to make dinner. There goes my meal planning.


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