School Week 2

School is in full swing and I can't focus to save my life! I have to write a short essay on the first 3 chapters of my assigned book, which normally is not an issue at all. I love reading, writing comes fairly easy to me, and it's a topic I am interested in. I … Continue reading School Week 2


“A Rebirth Of Freedom”

To my dear friends and family that voted for Trump please read this. I am not trying to change your mind or get you to denounce him, I just want you to stand up for what you believe is right. Eliot A. Cohen, the author, was a member of George Bush's administration (from 2007 to … Continue reading “A Rebirth Of Freedom”

You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.

Here is another great article, sent to me by a friend from home. I can not agree more with what she has to say. So from me to all the men and women who fought for me and my rights, thank you. And thank you, Brittany Fuhs, for sharing this with me. This post is from … Continue reading You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.

Lyft and Airbnb

In the wake of the horrific bans being passed by this administration, there are some awesome companies doing some amazing things. Lyft is offering to donate 1 million dollars to the ACLU after news of Trump's immigration ban became public knowledge.You can read a full article on it here but to summarize; the two co-founders, John Zimmer and … Continue reading Lyft and Airbnb

Do your part!

You're probably tired of hearing this, but it needs to be said. We need to be reminded. We need to do our part. If you are outraged by the new administration and their choices do something about it! Quit bitching on social media and fighting with your conservative family/friends. Go to the website 10 Actions … Continue reading Do your part!

You Don’t March For Life

Courtney Hood wrote an incredible article that I had to share with you. Thank you so much, Courtney, for sharing this with the world. I couldn't agree more, but I could never put it so eloquently. ❤ You can find her blog here. "To those participating in the March For Life: First of all, good for … Continue reading You Don’t March For Life

First Order of Business

As his first order of business, the new president signed an executive order to repeal the ACA. Here's what this means... even if you are safely covered behind employer-provided insurance, the protections set forth in the ACA (Affordable Care Act), apply to you too. And if those protections are repealed along with the rest (or … Continue reading First Order of Business

Top 5 lies my toddler tells

These aren't all really lies per say, but he definitely says these things and means something else or changes his mind two minutes later. Oh man. Toddlers are tough. As I was writing these down I just kept laughing thinking about how often he says these things and how frustrated I become with him. Yet, … Continue reading Top 5 lies my toddler tells

Back to school 

🎼Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I'm not a fool! 🎵🎶 School is officially back in session for spring semester. I went on campus for my first class today and I was definitely the oldest person there. I doubt tomorrow will be any different. But I'm excited, and a little … Continue reading Back to school