End of the Year

Well, today is the day. 2016 is over in just a few hours. I know some of us are glad and some of us couldn’t care less. I am personally fine with the year. However, it does feel like I am closing the door on a difficult time in my life and marriage. My postpartum depression made this year very tough for my family, but I finally feel like I am close to the end now. I am so thankful that my husband stuck by my side through it all and didn’t give up. I am thankful to be starting 2017 with a brighter attitude.

On a side note, while I was in the gym locker room today everyone kept saying “See you next year!” *giggle giggle*. For fuck’s sake. Shut up. It’s not cute and it’s not funny. Maybe I am just finding it especially annoying because I’m having a rough day today with my “big black dog” or maybe it is legit annoying to other people and I’m not just being a big bitch.


Here are a few firsts I accomplished this year:

  1. Ran in my first 5k race (in Boston)
  2. Visited Boston (my first trip to ever see the East Coast)
  3. Celebrated my first wedding anniversary
  4. Made my own friend here in California (a huge deal for me) 
  5. Went to my first UGA game 
  6. Started school

A few of my lows:

  1. I was not a good wife or mother this year (my depression, insecurities, and anxiety got in the way constantly)
  2. Argued with my mom (by far the worst argument we’ve ever been in) 

A few of my highs:

  1. Tyson took me to see Wicked and Beyonce this year (They were both absolutely amazing)
  2. Watching my children grow has been magical
  3. I started school (and finished the year off with a 4.0) 

I’m looking forward to 2017 and all it has to offer. I am excited to continue with school, put Cash in preschool, write for this blog, spend more time with my family and friends, as well as overcome some of my insecurities and anxiety.

The world had quite a few highs and lows as well this year. There were so many famous people who touched millions of lives who passed this year. Among these are David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, Buddy Ryan, Antonin Scalia, and Craig Sager.

Our highs:

  1. First female presidential candidate (You go Hilary!) 
  2. We all cheered on Michael Phelps as he made history (and secretly stalked Baby Boomer’s IG because he is so god damn cute)
  3.  Kobe Bryant retired (life long Jazz fan and Laker hater 😉 )
  4. The world watched at Usain Bolt stopped an interview to respect United State’s national anthem being played 
  5. Simone Biles crushed it at the olympics 
  6. Every single Obama/Biden meme
  7. Dakota Access Pipeline Victory 
  8. Cubs won the world series for the first time in 108 years
  9. Mother Teresa declared a saint (for those of you who aren’t Catholic, this is a big deal) 

Our lows:

  1. Donald Trump (nothing else needs to be said here)
  2. Pulse Night Club shooting 
  3. Brussels terrorist attacks 
  4. Nice terrorist attack
  5. Dallas police officers being fatally shot. 
  6. Every single police brutality case and black man shot by police. EVERY FUCKING ONE. 
  7. Brexit (I’m not sure if this is bad or good yet, but it definitely doesn’t seem great)
  8. The killing of Harambe (don’t hate me because I judge that parent) 
  9. Deadly Oakland warehouse fire
  10. Ecuador earthquake and Italy earthquake 
  11. Munich terrorist attack 

Even though we may not have the brightest future when it comes to politics this year and terrorist attacks riddled 2016 let’s try and make 2017 better and brighter. ❤


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