Tom Cruise kind of crazy

So last night after Tyson got off work we went downtown to pick up an outfit for me to wear to a wedding reception tonight. We were out for roughly an hour and a half. We decided to brave it and not take the double stroller, or a stroller at all! Tyson carried Tate and Cash walked with me while holding his pokemon toys. Both the boys were really well behaved, I was shocked at how well behaved they were.

We were in Anthropology, I had picked out my outfit, and we were ready to go. Tyson was sitting on one of the chairs with Tate so I walked over to him and offered to trade the clothes for Tate and I turn my head and Cash is jumping on the couch! In the middle of Anthropology! WHAT THE HELL CHILD?!?!?! He knows better! He gets in trouble for that at home, at grandma’s house, at friend’s houses, etc. He knows damn well that is not acceptable behavior. Tyson got mad at him and he got down.

I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t believe he would do that in public, in a busy store, and right in front of the wedding section no less. UGH!

But then as I was laying in bed later that night I couldn’t help but laugh. Why was I so embarrassed? Kids do stupid shit. That’s how they learn. He had never been to a store that had couches before (at least not that I can think of), and he had been such a good boy for the rest of the time.

I thought back to when we first caught him jumping and he just had a look of pure joy on his face. He was having so much fun and did not care who knew it. And oddly, even though I don’t ever want him to do that again, I thought it was so sweet. I love watching my children smile and laugh out of pure joy.

These are the times I cherish.

Moments of pure joy like that idiot Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch. No shame. ❤


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