Meal Planning

The other day Tyson told me his mom used to make a full dinner every night (not just pasta or soup and warm bread) even when she was working full time. He didn’t mean to but it made me feel pretty shitty. It made me think of our friend Jan and her blog appropriately named The Shitty Housewife.  She says it perfectly when she says “I try. I really do.” Because I do try, sometimes I just try a lot less than other times, and usually less than other housewives.

I will be honest, I don’t particularly enjoy cooking. And I especially don’t enjoy cooking with our current situation. It’s a shock Tyson isn’t sick and tired of pasta. 😦

We only have one car right now so I have to pick up Tyson from Bart. I get a 45 minute warning of when he will be home so I literally have no idea what to expect day to day. It’s hard to cook when you don’t know when to prep or when to start. And it’s not like I can start dinner and leave to go get Tyson with everything still cooking. We are usually gone for 30-45 minutes, and that just isn’t safe!

Eating together is just not really an option. Tate needs to be in bed around 7 and Cash needs to be in bed around 8:30, however we usually don’t get home until 7 or 730. So eating together is not going to happen unless dinner is done when we get home, which we obviously can’t do.

Anyway, back to having a home cooked meal every night. I don’t enjoy cooking; we’ve covered that. I don’t enjoy looking around for new recipes to use either. I don’t enjoy this because I am picky with a lot of different foods and Tyson doesn’t particularly like chicken, which I feel like is the majority of recipes (maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places). I am willing to try new foods; especially now because Tyson used to constantly complain about how picky I was. So that’s a step in the right direction. 🙂

Now because of his comment from the other night I have started trying to meal plan. It started on Monday with a pre seasoned pork tenderloin, left over mashed potatoes, and pre seasoned sugar snap peas. Tyson and Cash were fans, but I actually don’t like pork tenderloin so it was just alright for me. Tuesday was oven baked chicken tacos, which we both really like. The problem with these is they take quite a while to make. They aren’t an easy 35 minute meal. Wednesday was supposed to be Mexican and rice casserole which we both like but we had to go shopping for an outfit for a wedding today and just got home late. On top of being home late Tyson wasn’t feeling very good so I made rice for him and I had a rice/veggie bowl – just another shitty housewife moment. Today we have a wedding reception to go to so I am prepping our dinner for tomorrow which will be Kahlua pork and an asian noodle salad.

It’s only Thursday and I’m already dreading cooking for the rest of the week. 😦

I can only have so many crockpot meals and Tyson doesn’t like leftovers so I don’t know how he would feel about make-a-head frozen meals…

Anyone have any tips or tricks for us?


4 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I hate cooking too! My husband is SUPER picky, and I swear my kids are getting pickier by the day. I used to enjoy cooking…

    All my friends swear by crockpot meals, but I can’t do that because of husband’s issues. That at least is something that can hold until everyone can eat it. Maybe Tyson can learn to accept leftovers?? That would be a good compromise at least.

    What about turkey? We eat more turkey than chicken – ground turkey for meatballs, turkey cutlets and tenderloin strips that we make into kabobs or schnitzel, and turkey breast tenderloin that we marinate and grill. Also, we eat rotisserie chicken from the grocery store on grocery days. That’s an easy meal that also keeps well until everyone can eat!

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    1. The rotisserie chicken is a big hit with the kids but not with Tyson. Unless it’s like shredded chicken he’s not a fan, so ridiculous. Ahaha But maybe I could shred his bit and season it. That’s a great idea! Thank you. ☺️
      I like crockpot meals to an extent, I think I’m just getting bored with them. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. Ahaha
      I actually love turkey and honestly didn’t know you could make that many things with it – my mom rarely cooked so we relied heavily on take out and pasta.


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