Christmas Day

Well the rush and craziness of Christmas morning has passed and I am so thankful for my boys. Santa and our families spoiled the kids so much and we are so blessed. My mom never really liked Christmas much and so I don’t have a lot of memories of the excitement, joy, and wonder but watching my son’s face this morning just melted my heart. He was so excited about everything he got. he was dancing around, shaking his booty, and singing. Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than that. ❤

As we grow older, move away from home, get married, and have children of our own our Christmas traditions change.

I did not have really concrete traditions growing up. As a kid I always spent Christmas eve with my mom and Christmas day with my dad’s side of the family. I don’t have many memories from my childhood but I do remember Christmas morning at my Aunt’s and my dad’s Christmas cookies.

Tyson has so many fun memories and traditions with his brothers and parents though. They have certain foods they eat on the holidays, certain games they would play, and tons of wonderful memories going back 20+ years.

However, now that we have a family of our own we are trying to combine our traditions as well as create our own. This Christmas we are away from all of our family and so we are spending the morning just the 4 of us and then going to our friend’s home for dinner. The Martin’s are from New York and England with no family here either and we are excited to spend it together. I miss my family during the holidays so spending time with them will be so nice.

However, it will not be nice if they do not have the NFL network. The Steelers are playing the Ravens and it is a huge game for both of us. If we win we will be going to the playoffs. If we lose, well I’m just not sure what will happen to us. For the Ravens to clinch the playoff spot they have to beat us and win their last game against the Bengals. On top of how important this game is, we hardly ever get to watch the steelers on TV here in the Bay Area. The fact that they are actually TV I want to make sure I watch the game!



Merry Christmas everyone! ❤



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