Top lies we tell our children- Christmas edition 

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Chanukah everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. ❤

Tyson and I have been lying to Cash all day today. But all good lies, if you can say such a thing without cringing. They all about Santa though, so we have to lie or ruin his Christmas dreams. Ahaha

  • “If you aren’t good Santa won’t come.”
  • “We have to pick up all our toys or else Santa won’t bring new ones.”
  • “I’m going to call Santa and tell him how good/naughty you’ve been.”
  • “Oh dang it buddy, we don’t have any more batteries.”
  • “Santa doesn’t like naughty boys/girls.”

Well let’s just be honest, Santa is the biggest lie we tell our children at Christmas time but it’s for the greater good sometimes. Right?


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