Monday Minute

It’s Monday again.

That dreaded day we all have to face, week after week. However, this Monday doesn’t seem to sting quite as bad as normal. Christmas is this coming Sunday! And who isn’t excited about that! Come one!!! It will definitely help the week fly by.

Even though Christmas is in 6 days it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. Maybe it’s because we haven’t gotten a tree yet. Little Tate will just pull it down but we are  planning on getting one on Friday. Maybe it’s because I finished all my shopping a few weeks ago. I don’t know the reason, but it does not feel like Christmas is in less than a week!

Another bonus of Christmas being this Sunday is that Tyson doesn’t have to work on Friday! Short work weeks are always wonderful. I love having the extra help. Really, I just love being able to go pee alone.

Ah, it’s the small joys in mom life that really make a difference.

We do have a few fun Christmas themed things planned for the week:

We are going to the city with Jessica and her boys to look at the lights and just spend some time together which is always fun. Cash loves being in the city and he loves spending time with his friends. I think the boys will love getting to look at all the Christmas lights and the giant tree at Union Square.

Cash and Tyson have a project they will be working on this week. Both the boys love our neighbor’s Christmas lights and make it known every time we leave the house or come home. So Tyson has decided they will go get lights and put them up on our patio one evening this week.

Cash also wants to write a letter to Santa. He didn’t tell him everything he wanted when he met him, so this was what we decided to do. I will definitely be posting his letter here when it’s finished.

I need to plan our Christmas Eve dinner, I am wanting a thanksgiving dinner. Really I just want turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Tyson’s wonderful pecan pie. I’m salivating just thinking of it all. I didn’t get a very good Thanksgiving this year, and it’s my favorite meal.

We are also making our Christmas cookies this weekend, which is exciting and scary. Making both our Christmas cookies take a lot of time, energy, and effort. Then we have to frost them all! But the finished product is delicious.


2 thoughts on “Monday Minute

  1. “Really, I just love being able to go pee alone.”
    Oh man … yes!!! I too look forward to this when my husband is home. Have a merry Christmas and good luck with the tree and cookies! There’s so much to do with just 6 days left, right?!

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