Ugly Sweaters Part 2

The time has come.

Tonight is the night.

Tyson’s work party is this evening. The dreaded ugly sweater party.

I ordered the “I sleigh” sweatshirt and I HATED it! I hated it more than I thought is was possible to hate a sweater. I hated it to the point where I was almost in tears thinking I would have to wear this out to a bar to meet my husband’s coworkers for the first time. – Yes, I may be a bit dramatic, but that’s just how I am. Get used to it.

Here’s the “I sleigh” sweater. Please don’t mind the no make up, sad face, and messy house.


I ended up going to Target last night and got a festive sweater instead of an ugly sweater. I feel it’s good enough. However, please know I will never do this again. I do not like these parties and I am only doing it because of Tyson. He thinks I’m being stupid because I don’t like wearing ugly sweaters. Sadly, my mood highly depends on how I look and feel. If I don’t feel like I look pretty I will not be in a good mood. Plain and simple. It doesn’t help that my boobs have completely deflated since I quit nursing, but that complaint is for another day.

So here’s to work parties, their stupid themes, and my festive sweater.

Happy Holidays y’all.


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