Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I have no idea why I wasn’t into this before but holy shit! I’m loving Macklemore and Ryan Lewis so much! Every day while I’m writing I am jamming out to their music. And how can you not love someone who wears fur!?!? Another thing I’m into right now. I’m so excited for our event tomorrow night because I finally get to wear my grandma’s fur coat! YAY!

Back to the music.

If you want something fun to dance around your kitchen in your underwear to or if you want something with ‘all the feels’ this is for you.

But it’s more than that. They are speaking out about the issues we are facing as a country. He sings about the recent election, pharmaceutical drug use, being accepting of everyone, feminism, and his daughter. They are speaking out about things that should be discussed and addressed. I commend him for using his fame to speak out and raise awareness.

You should check it out.

Let’s dance:


Dance Off

Thrift Shop

Can’t Hold Us Down

All the feels:

Same Love


Wednesday Morning

Drug Dealer


This is not music to listen to with your children.

Now if you are really wanting to get all the feels regarding the background for his song “Drug Dealer” watch the documentary “Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis.” It’s pretty short, about 43 minutes and it’s worth it. I just finished watching it and it broke my heart watching these people struggle and suffer. 😦

macklemore and ryan lewis 2.png

I love how honest he is in this short Half of Us video.

You can also watch him in this Tedx video.

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